Lift, Move, Regularly

Lift, Move, Regularly.

3 simple words for the “miracle drug” that is exercise.

We like to overcomplicate fitness and make it about specific programs and specific exercises. But a while ago I came across an article that simplified exercise down to these 3 words based on the authors experience. It’s a great article and worth a read!

The article is called “Put down the pink dumbbells” and was published on Medium way back in 2015.

What I love about the article is that it says many of the same things I do, but it’s NOT written by a “fitness expert” or trainer. It’s from a regular, normal person that learned a lot about health by doing their own research.

Because of this it’s very relatable for most who struggle with exercise consistency and it’s why I wanted to share it here.

It’s well written, timeless, and simple. I got a lot out of it so I know you will too!

Below are my highlights from the article but read it yourself first here.

After reading it, reply in the comments and tell me what you liked most. Or, let’s discuss it in the Inspiyr Slack Community!

Lift, Move, Regularly.

My takeaways:

  • The secrete to health: there is none.
  • Keep it simple. “We have long known most everything there is to know about what the average adult in reasonable health needs to do for fitness, and how. There is no new fad to uncover, nor is the science of it an unknown, complex field.”
  • Lift, Move, Regularly.
  • Every study uncovers more benefits to exercise. If there was a miracle drug, this is it.
  • Exercise is unlikely to help you lose weight. (she doesn’t go into this in the article, but this is where I focus on Forks Over Barbells)
  • There are few other things you can do in life with such broad impacts on quality and length of life. Yet the fitness industry keeps touting unreasonable messages and false promises
  • Research shows more weight-loss benefits to strength-training than aerobic exercise
  • For Cardio – it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just get yourself breathing harder, but not too much.
  • Exercise because exercise. Don’t listen to the exercise industry, don’t look at the ads, and don’t read articles that spend a lot of time on the latest thing or trick. Forget the resolutions. Forget the fads.

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