Attaining Fit Ness

Fitness. Or rather, Fit-Ness.

What is it?

When we see the word “fitness” we usually think: exercise, gym, muscles, workout program, weights, pain, etc.

However, believe it or not, fitness is a word in and of itself that does not have anything to do with those things.

When broken down, we get two words: Fit and Ness.

Let’s define them.

Fit: of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. Be of the right shape and size for.

Ness: denoting a state or condition.

Put together, Fit-Ness becomes: The condition of having the suitable standard to meet the required purpose.

You can see how this definition can relate to anything. It’s about being the “right fit” or being able achieve the purpose. That’s all “fitness” is.

In relation to health then, the question becomes: What is your required purpose? What is your standard or suitable quality that you are aiming to achieve?

To become fit, we need to have a goal of where we are going.

We have to have a purpose that we are trying to meeting in order to build our standard.

I believe too many people blindly pursue a path of physical fitness without actually knowing where that path is leading. Without ever defining it for themselves.

They simply leave it at: exercise, gym, muscles, etc.

But I encourage you to go further. Ask yourself why.

Why those muscles? How much muscle is required?

Why those exercises? Do they benefit my purpose?

Why the gym? Is it necessary for my standard?

Without defining your required purpose, how will you find success?

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