Adult Fitness

I want to take a moment to describe something I like to call “Adult fitness”.

Adult fitness is my term for a level of fitness and activity in ones life that an “adult”, by a certain level of maturity, will achieve. It comes down to the reason(s) you will exercise and stay fit throughout your life.

Many people exercise and eat healthy out of obligation and punishment, not desire and value. They suffer about working out or eating right, they complain about what they should be doing, or they do it because they have to not because they want to.

They want to want it.

Part of them knows it’s right and good. But they just aren’t disciplined enough to follow through with getting it done.

This approach to fitness is more like Teenager fitness.

Adult fitness however, is an approach to fitness that is based on a higher value where you are willing to sacrifice a feeling of comfort in the moment to follow through with what is necessary to build your fitness.

It is exercising because you know it’s right and you know it’s good for you.

Adult Fitness

It is eating healthy because it makes you feel better long term not just in the moment.

You exercise because you have discipline and commitment, not because you’re motivated in this moment.

You take the time and put in extra effort to learn what’s best for your body rather than just blindly following the latest trends or headlines.

It’s exercising for health and longevity not just for appearance or a short term “body hack”.

As a mature adult, you recognize that it is YOUR decision to be healthy or not. You know you don’t have to workout. You’re not doing it because the doctor warned you that it’s now or never.

You do it as a simple act of will against your own laziness.

You accept that fitness is a life long project, not a 30 day challenge.

It’s all about putting in your reps. Every day. No matter how you feel.

And that my fiends is Adult Fitness.

A lifelong commitment to doing what’s right for your body, BECAUSE IT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY.

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