Inspiyr Fitness

Being healthy is a life-long pursuit achieved through discipline and effort.

It can't be learned from a book, nor attained in 30 days.

It is built with effort and maintained with consistency.

Although the fitness industry would love you to believe that it can be attained by purchasing their product, this is not the case, and you are reading these words because you know it.

INSPIYR is an acronym for: It Never Stops, Put In Your Reps.

Fitness is attained by putting in your reps, exerting effort, consistently, forever. It never stops.

"You don’t stop moving because you get old, you get old because you stop moving."
~ George Bernard Shaw

True health is about longevity and vitality. I want you to look good and feel good, forever.

I do this by helping you build foundational habits for a sustainable, active lifestyle.

This is achieved through a concept called Physical Morality, or what I call Adult Fitness.

Physical Morality is fitness and health because it’s the right thing to do, not because of any external factor. Being fit and healthy because you see it as your duty to yourself, your family and your friends to be the best you can possibly be.

Adult fitness is built from values, not childish desires. It comes from a willingness to sacrifice immediate gratification to follow through with what is necessary to become and stay healthy.

It is exercising because you know it’s good for you.

It is eating healthy because it makes you feel better long term.

It is consistency because of discipline and commitment, not short term motivation.

It is taking the time to learn and become educated vs chasing trends and fads.

It is fitness for vitality and longevity, not false confidence via a reflection.

As a mature adult, getting healthy comes from your own decision to be healthy, not because someone else tells you you should.

You do it as a simple act of will against your own laziness.

Life is not meant to just be survived. You must thrive!

You deserve more.

You deserve better.

You commit to being your best!

Inspiyr Fitness honours this commitment.

Life-long health is only achieved by taking responsibility for your own success. This means learning and developing the skills to take action on your own and become self-motivated and self-accountable.

It means learning by doing, through trial and error, and through struggle in the real world.

It requires someone to encourage and empower you to do it on your own.

Like Mr Miyagi, Yoda, or Bruce Lee, I will point you in the right direction, but I will not do the work for you.

You will walk you own path.

To help you walk that path, I offer 3 cores services: Community, Personal Programming, and Mentoring.


Join an online community for knowledge, connection, and guidance on your personal health journey. This is a self-guided, interactive environment to take charge of your own health. Connect with peers and mentors for all the knowledge and support you need to reach your fitness, nutrition and health goals!


Some people already have plenty of training experience in the gym and don't need anyone else to push them. They just need a specific program that matches their personal needs. THIS is that option.


Like Mr Myagi or Bruce Lee, they were masters that guided their students to reach their highest potential. The fitness industry is built on a broken system of putting all of the power in your trainers hands. At Inspiyr you work with a Mentor to put all of the power to succeed in YOUR hands.


The Inspiyr Fitness Online Community connects people from around the world on their health and fitness journey. No matter your current starting point or end goal, this is the place to take control of your own personal health.

This public Slack community is a place to get support, ask questions, gain knowledge, share experiences, and connect with both peers and health mentors. Build self-motivation and self-discipline to create the healthy body you know you deserve.

Access to the community is completely free and you will get immediate access to a wide range of topics such as:
FitnessNutrition Fasting Mental fitnessAccountability/SupportHealthy living after 50
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Full access

For those who are ready give their full commitment to their health, subscribe for even more tools to ensure your success.

Our subscriber access gives you access to the full Slack community, as well as:
Educational resourcesFitness ProgramMentor Access
Educational Resources are articles, ebooks, and videos created by our Mentors specifically for our members. These alone are worth hundreds of dollars and you get immediate access to all resources available as well as any resources created in the future.

The Fitness Program is a 6 day per week program focused on longevity and vitality. Each month you will get a new routine of strength and conditioning workouts that will build fitness for the rest of your life. It is educational in design so that you can adapt it to your exact needs. No longer will you be at the whim of random programs that may or may not work. You'll learn exactly how do exercise appropriate to your specific needs and goals.

Mentor Access is exactly that. This is a private channel monitored by our mentors to answer your individual questions. We keep it in a group forum because often the answers to questions from your peers will benefit you directly as well.

Subscribe now to get full access for only
$39 CAD per month**

**Try risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Communities are stronger when they are full of friends! I offer a “three and free” option to every community member - refer 3 others and get your community access for free.
(remains free forever as long as you have at least 3 others actively subscribed to the community)


If you've seen The Karate Kid (or any movie with an old, wise mentor) this is my version of coaching!

Consider me Mr. Miyagi and you the Karate Kid wanting to master the way of a healthy life. We will go through a process of "wax on, wax off" to build the foundations of health that will last the rest of your life!

We will work together on a daily basis building the habits of a healthy lifestyle. Just like the Karate Kid painted a fence to build his foundations of Karate, you will build discipline, consistency, and daily habits as your foundation.

The mentor program is less about the specific workouts and foods and more about taking ACTION. It's less what and more HOW.

That said, we will be working on ALL aspects of health, not just fitness and nutrition. Together we will find the areas of YOUR life that will benefit you the most from improvement.

We will work together on:

> Habit building/breaking
> Consistency
> Self Discipline
> Self Accountability
> Self Motivation
> Activity
> Nutrition
> Sleep
> Stress management
> Mindset
> Health Knowledge

We will empower you with the TOOLS and the STRENGTH to stay committed to a healthy life for the rest of your life!

In order to successfully achieve this, Mentoring is a one year commitment to the process of building a healthier you.

Changing your habits and lifestyle is not an easy process and won't happen overnight. This is a commitment to put in your reps and do the work, regardless of struggles along the way.

It is a commitment to YOURSELF (with my support), to finally put in the work needed to make a permanent, lasting change.

If this level of commitment bothers you I suggest looking at my other service options. However, if you know you've already spent years on the process with little sustained success, then you know that this 1 year commitment is actually only the FIRST year of the rest of your new life!

It's time to stop dipping your toe and testing the water.

It's time to jump in the deep end and learn to swim!!

Mentoring - $4500 CAD

(payments are $375 CAD per month)
1 year commitmentDaily contact with your mentorWeekly video mentor callsFocus on ALL areas of a healthy lifestyle

Personal Programming

Programming is for people who already have strong habits in fitness and just want something more specific to their needs. I create a personal, fully customized exercise routine that you will do completely on your own. At home, at the gym, no matter the goal, we'll create exactly what you need to reach your goals.

You have the option to pay per use for an individual programs as needed, or via a monthly on-going system that gives you a constantly evolving program every single month.

All programs are delivered via my own personal App with clear instructions, video demos of every exercise, and the ability to track all fitness and body progress. You also have messaging access to me for any program related questions.

Per use

4 week program - $149 CAD one time payment
*Fitness program only

12 week program - $299 CAD one time payment
*Fitness Program only
*This will be developed as three 4-week programs, each one building off the progress of the last.


$119 CAD monthly - Minimum 6 months commitment
**Fitness program, nutritional guidance, technique/movement analysis, and monthly check ins

About Me

Hi, I'm Chad, the founder of Inspiyr Fitness. I'm 38 years old, a father of 2 boys, and currently live in Chilliwack BC, Canada.

I am a Kinesiologist, serial entrepreneur, fitness & health coach, and 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwon Do.

I am passionate about fitness, health, business, and helping others. For these reasons I've pursued fitness for over 25 years personally and have been a professional fitness coach for over 15. I currently run 4 different fitness businesses because there are many paths to success and it's never about which one is better, but which one you want to take.

INSPIYR is my passion project for truly helping people build the habits and lifestyle of fitness. I believe the fitness industry is built on lies, false promises, and unreasonable expectations and something needs to be done about that. Someone needs to put the power back in the hands of the people doing the work.

Inspiyr Fitness's services do exactly that. They are designed to give YOU the power to succeed LONG TERM!



The program provided good variety and generally was quite enjoyable (even when my ass was getting kicked). except for the burpees, those suck. I enjoy the program because despite having some fitness training and knowledge myself, time and motivation to plan programs is hard to come by between work and family time. Having a program that I can follow but is changing up semi-frequently to provide optimal results is good value, and I hope will help me to establish better routines resulting in improved physical fitness and health. Having turned 40 this year I am more and more aware that it’s not just about living longer, but about the quality of life one has for whatever time they have left... so improving these aspects of my life is critical now.

Fitness profiles

Choose the profile below that best matches your experience with fitness.


A beginner fitness profile is someone who has had some of the following experiences:

You want to workout but are lostHave never worked out before Have never prioritized your health or fitness beforeDon't know where to start Confused by conflicting informationDon’t know if you're doing the right things for youDon't know how to scale a workout Don't know how to challenge yourself for your level.Got a membership, watched some YouTube, downloaded a program or app a friend recommended, tried a challenge, signed up for a 5k or spartan race. Motivated by an age milestone, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, doctors recommendation, finally having time and our money after focusing on family or work their whole life.You have considered getting a trainer to help them learn the ropes.

Are you a Beginner?

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A struggler is someone who has had some of the following experiences:

You have tried many things but can't stick to it Struggle staying motivatedCan’t stay consistent Your new year resolution is always the sameYou know 30 day challenges don't lastHave tried more diets than you'd like to admitBeginner level of fitness, but think you should be higher because you've done so muchThink something is wrong with you because nothing works. Struggle with patience and disciplineYou set unclear goals Your goals aren't measurable and specificJust can't beat the cravings Is de-motivated by so many failures You know what you should do, you just can't get it done Have a gym membership... but don't know where the change rooms areHave equipment at home collecting dust

Are you a struggler?

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A committed fitness profile is someone who has had some of the following experiences:

You have made the commitment Fitness IS happening and WILL happenIt is part of your weekly routine and has dedicated space in your scheduleYou're willing to struggle a little and "figure it out"You may not consider yourself fit, but you're working on it You've followed some plans and programs with varied success You're consistent, but you're still not fully confident with what is best for you and your body

Are you committed to your fitness?

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A experienced fitness profile is someone who has had some of the following experiences:

Fitness is fully part of your lifestyle Friends and family know you to be a healthy, active personIf or When are no longer a question, it only comes down to WHAT you will doYou actively use the gym membership or have a home gym.You've done classes, PT, programs, online plans, Crossfit, you name it!You have a pretty solid idea of what works and what doesn't work for your body/Lifestyle/goalsYou've found a groove with your routine, but like/need to switch it up once in a while to keep yourself challenged.

Are you experienced with fitness?

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Download my ebook

Become Consistent with your
Workout Routine

Beginners Guide

A guide to understand why you struggle with motivation and a step by step process to Become Consistent with Exercise.

Most workout programs are all about the workout. They are all about WAHT to do to get you the results you want. Which makes sense, on the surface.

However, most people struggle with these programs because they haven't figured out HOW to workout first. They haven't developed a foundation of consistency and patience to stick to a program long enough to see results.

They struggle with:

Knowing where and how to startBeing confused with what they are doingStaying motivated to keep goingPushing too hard too soonFalling off the wagon and unable to get back onKnowing if what they are doing is right for them

All of these factors lead to success or failure as a beginner and no program has ever addressed it.


This book is your intro to working out. I will show you exactly what you've been missing to stay consistent, find the right program, and finally get the results you deserve!

Fill out your info below to download your copy today!