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Today there are more options to improve one’s health and fitness than ever before.

  • More programs
  • More diets
  • More studies
  • More science
  • More supplements
  • More surgeries

Yet our technologically and economically abundant society is more obese, more sick, and more likely to die from cardio vascular related diseases than any other cause.

That’s not right!

We have more access than ever to improve our health, yet we are still sicker than ever.

Then why is there such a drastic disconnect?!?

There are billions of dollars in DVD classes, home gym equipment, and gym memberships out there doing nothing but collecting dust as you read this.

You might even have some of your own…

But most of those go to waste.

Because the #1 reason people aren’t successful at living a healthy life is because they don’t have time.

The #2 reason is because they lack motivation.

Maybe we need programs that focus on time and motivation???

NOPE! There’s tons of those too.

So what gives?

Why is the elusive “healthy lifestyle” still so… well… elusive?

It’s because people tend to focus on the end result, the achievement, the actual having of the goal.

People always search for WHAT steps to take to achieve the goal,

when ideally the focus should be on HOW to take those steps.

So the big question is:

What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

No, it’s NOT because you’ve had the wrong program.

You’ve failed because you STOPPED DOING the program.

It’s the only way to fail at anything.

We stop BEFORE we get results.

We stop because we didn’t create the habit of consistency.

This is why at INSPIYR FITNESS, the focus isn’t some exclusive program that you can’t get anywhere else.

I focus on helping my clients learn HOW build healthy habits.

Together, we focus on creating consistency.

Together, we focus on making health a priority and committing to the steps to build it.

Most people don’t need a workout program, they just need consistent, active habits.

They need to make healthy choices consistently, not burn themselves out with too much intensity and unsustainable behaviours.

Sound familiar?!?

I would like to propose a new option.

To walk a different path.

Let’s not waste your time with yet another program that you’ll stop doing within 3 months.


Let’s work together to build a strong foundation of healthy habits and sustainable choices.


Foundations Coaching is a 1-on-1 process focused on the first major step of HOW to build healthy habits.

It’s an accountability system that helps you discover why you’ve struggled in the past to make fitness and health a part of your lifestyle.

Our primary focus will be on the metrics of Consistency, Routine, and Sustainable practices.

Because if you don’t have those, things like reps, weights, calories burned or even body composition have no relevance.

Foundations Coaching is not a quick fix system.

This is a commitment to long term change.

It’s a commitment to a new lifestyle.

It’s a commitment to becoming the healthy person that deep down you know you deserve to be.

If you want quick fix, then you’re not in the right place.

In my 20 years of coaching I’ve ”been there, done that” with almost every workouts program and diet there is.

With both myself and my clients.

I know first hand that it rarely works and even if you do see some results, they NEVER last.

Foundations Coaching means we work together to create a strong, solid, unbreakable consistency in fitness and health.

So you can be strong, sexy, vibrant, and happy, for the rest of your life.

We’ll use my private app for daily 1-on-1 habit building routines as well as monthly coaching sessions to overcome any obstacles and challenges that come your way.

There will be challenges and it won’t come easy.

But that’s why we’re in this together.

If you’ve also ”been there, done that” and the only thing you’ve been consistent at is inconsistency, then you’re ready for a change!

Choose an option to get started:

Prefer to do things on your own or don’t feel you need a coach?

You can now sign up for my Foundation Training program and get guided routines you can do completely on your own. Learn more about my self-paced Foundations Training here.

To learn more about the entirety of my training system, you can read about my Merit-Based Fitness Protocol here.


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