Are you on your Own Team?

When it comes to motivation are you on your own team?

People spend a lot of time and money looking for motivation.

Whether it’s quotes, images, motivational videos and speeches. Or even people, groups, pep talks, and personal trainers.

On your own team

We want that drive that will get us moving to achieve our goals.

Just do a scroll through your twitter, facebook, and instagram feeds and you’ll see plenty of people sharing things to get you motivated.

There’s even accounts where that’s all the do! And they have millions of followers!

That’s how badly people want to be motivated.

But all of those things are looking outside ourselves to try and drive us to act.

We have a goal, we have a desire, we have a thing we want to achieve, yet we look elsewhere to find motivation to get it done.

It’s a little weird if you really think about it. We think we can’t self motivate and we need someone else to be our support.

In fact, many of us do the opposite. Our self talk de-motivates us and tells us we can’t do it.

In other words, when it comes down to your own support and motivation, what team are you on?

Meaning, do you give yourself motivation? Or do you talk yourself down?

The easiest way to figure this out is to take a look at your internal dialogue when things are a little challenging.

If you’re down, struggling, or can’t get started, what kinds of things do you tell yourself?

Is it a pep talk pumping you up?

Or is it a pity session talking you down?

If you’re constantly in search for external motivation to get yourself going, STOP.

You need to go internal.

You need to get on your own team.

Become your own coach and be your own source of motivation!

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