The reality of a “normal” fitness routine

We all want to have that lean, toned, sexy muscular body right?

We want to improve our health, lose some weight or gain some muscle. We all have at least one image saved on our phone where we say “THIS, this is what I want to look like”.

You know what image I’m talking about right? Good, keep that in mind as you read on.

I want you to think about the person in that image. Let’s make some guesses about their lifestyle and their fitness routine.

How often do you think they workout each week?

Probably 6 to 7 days a week?

How long do you think they workout each day?

Probably 1-2 hours? (especially if their image is their profession, aka they are a fitness model)

How many weeks per year do you think they do NOT exercise?

Probably 1-2 at most, if any. This might be more accurately measured in days than weeks.

Now, nutrition. What do you think their diet is like?

Probably pretty very healthy?

What percentage do you think is healthy vs unhealthy foods?

Probably 80-90% healthy? More?

How often do you think they eat out vs prepared meals at home?

Probably another 80-90% would be prepared at home right?

How often do you think they eat at fast food restaurants?

Maybe 1-2x per week? Maybe per month?

How often do you think they give into their cravings?

Probably not very often right? And even if they do they’ll choose some fucking “healthy” snack vs the chips, ice cream or sugar bombs!


Now let’s consider the average person. Maybe someone like you or me. Perhaps we could call it the “normal” fitness routine.

How often do we workout per week?

Compared to the above, the normal fitness routine typically lacks consistency. We get inspired and we start a routine. We might get those 4, 5 or even 6 days a week… for a couple of weeks….

We feel good at the start but then one week we get slammed at work and we only get 2, 1 or even 0 gym sessions in. We get thrown off track and the next week is a fucking struggle to get in just a couple gym sessions. We just can’t find the time anymore.


Basically, the “normal” fitness routine is that there is no routine. There’s a lot of going hard for a while and then doing nothing for a while. Usually more of the nothing than of the something.

Now what about nutrition?

OMG. Should we even go there?!?!

Ok ok, I’ll keep it simple. Bottom line it’s the same kind of thing. On and off. Good for a bit then bad for a long time. The percentages of healthy vs unhealthy are essentially reversed compared to the personal with the ideal body we want to have. Again, this is normal.

I call it the normal fitness routine because it’s what’s going on for most people. Inconsistency and struggle is the norm, not the exception for most people so let’s deal with what it is.

The exception is actually the person in the photo you pictured in the beginning. We want to believe that it’s normal or that anyone can do it or that if I work hard enough I can look like that too. And yes, that’s true to a certain degree, but it takes extraordinary work and action, not the normal on and off kind of action.

The thing to look at is the gap between these two levels of people. The inspirational people in the photos have built their bodies over a long time and with a lot of discipline. They didn’t get there overnight, they didn’t get there after just a couple of weeks and they didn’t get there with an on and off again approach.

It’s not a bad thing if you have a normal fitness routine. It only becomes a problem if you think you can look like the picture with a normal fitness routine and diet. It takes consistent effort over a long time.

The time will pass anyway so my suggestion is always to start with the consistency part. Don’t focus on the results. Don’t focus on the percentages. Don’t focus on the failures.

Focus on being consistent. If you focus on results only, you rarely become consistent. However, if you can progressively build consistency in your healthy actions, the results will follow.

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