18 Weeks

Have you ever put in 18 weeks of unrelenting effort to achieve your goals? Every day, every night, every week, for 18 weeks completely focused and obsessed with achieving your goal?

If we’re honest I’d bet most of us haven’t. 18 weeks is a pretty long time. 4 months of pure focus? Maybe we’ve done a few weeks, or that long with a “mostly on track” focus, but 18 straight?!?

If yes, you probably saw incredible results and congratulations! But for the rest of us, here’s some perspective…

For the rest of us, we usually aren’t able to put in that much effort for that much time. We really WANT the goal, but we don’t do what it takes. Heck, I’ve seen tons of instagram posts showing results in 8 weeks not 18 right?

Sadly, that’s not reality most of the time. Not even for people who you would consider as already fit, let alone someone just getting started.

Check out this post from The Rock for example:

I think most of us can agree that The Rock is a very fit, beast of a man. He works his fucking ass off in the gym and all areas of his life and the results are very evident.

If you read the text of his post, he just spent 18 weeks to “get in shape” for his new movie. Someone who was already crushing it went to a whole other level for 18 straight weeks to reach his goal. Not 4 weeks, not 8, not even 12. 18 weeks BEYOND what he normally does.

The point here is that it take a lot of effort and a lot of time to reach your goals, no matter your level of fitness at the start. So if you’re 4 weeks in, 8 weeks in or wherever and not seeing the results you expected by now, just keep going. If you’re putting in the effort (really putting in the effort) then it’s only a matter of time.

Just think, if The Rock needs that much time, what about us normal human folk?

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