Not Getting Results?

Not getting results from your fitness routine? You’re not alone!

This is incredibly common. We typically call it a plateau and there can be many reasons why we son’t see results. However, the mostly likely answer is that you’re not working hard enough. 

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. You might even be thinking “eff you Chad, I’m working my ass off, it has to be something else”.

Sorry, it’s probably not.

It comes down to what it takes to create change. In order for our body to change, it require that we push beyond its current capacity.

I can agree with you that you’re probably working hard, but are you truly working beyond your capacity or still within it? It is possible to work hard, sweat your ass off, and even have sore muscles but still be working within your capacity.

So the next time you’re thinking “my program isn’t working, I need to try something else” I want you to first consider your effort in that program. Are you truly pushing your limits and maximizing your program?

If not, this is why you aren’t seeing results.

Before you try changing your current program, see if you can take it to a new level and push your limits. This is where the results are.

1 thought on “Not Getting Results?”

  1. Frank, honest and accurate!

    Everything that is worthwhile in life is unfortunately, described as “work.”

    All, self help or fitness guru’s will tell you there are to key elements to success;
    1. Work
    2. Patience.

    Great post Chad!

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