What’s Better, 100% or 1%?

What’s better?

“Do I write a long, well thought out blog post with tons of examples, links and references supporting a point or conclusion? Or do I write a quick little blast of info to stimulate thought and exploration?”

This is the question I asked myself.

It was Saturday and the first day of the week I didn’t have my daily post ready the night before.

I thought about getting to it this morning but then prioritized other work. Then the afternoon went by and I kept doing other things with my family. Now it’s later at night and I realized, oh shit! I still haven’t put out my post!

Then I thought:

“What’s better…?”

Do I rush something out or just let it go?

Do I allow for a quick and simple post or do I wait and make something better tomorrow?

As you can see, I went with getting it done and sending it out.

The reason being is that consistency and contact with you guys it’s what’s most important to me. I don’t care if my emails can win some sort of writing award, I just want to keep in touch. I don’t care if I trigger something in your thoughts that affect you for the rest of your life, I just want to stimulate new ideas.

With those values, what’s better is to just keep showing up and doing the best I can.

I know this because it’s the same advice I’m constantly giving to my clients. The decision of “to do or not to do…” for workouts and/or ending a fast early comes up very frequently and we start to weigh these kinds of options.

Alone with our thoughts we often end up at some sort of conclusion of “if it’s not 100%, is there even a point?”

But the truth is 100% is rare and it’s impossible to do our absolute best EVERY TIME we do something. We have flows, we have cycles, and we have highs and lows. That’s a natural part of the process.

The answer to the above question is to just keep showing up and focus on your relative best for that day. Whatever you can do today is all that matters. Do that!

1% is better than 0%, and it still means progress towards your goal.

Show up and do something. I know you’ll be happy you did!

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