Motivation is Created, not Found

Motivation is created. It is built out or practice and desire. It is a muscle you can develop.

Succeeding at anything means doing it long enough to reach a desired level.

It requires discipline to follow through.

Discipline is the strength to do the work, put in your reps, regardless of how you feel. Discipline does not require motivation, it’s just a matter of doing.

But discipline isn’t something that comes easy. Discipline itself must be built.

Discipline is built from consistency. By default, people are inconsistent. Nature is inconsistent. We have waves of up and down, back and forth, progress and regress.

To become consistent means working against this natural flow. We will have periods of success and periods of failure, but with enough practice and time the periods of success will begin to last longer and longer.

Discipline and consistency are very similar, however consistency needs motivation.

Discipline requires consistency, and consistency requires motivation, so let’s get motivated!

The trouble is most people “search” for motivation. Like it’s something to be found or discovered. Like it comes to us at a specific moment in time… When the stars are aligned and the mood is right…

But this isn’t true.

Motivation is not something that is found.

Motivation is created.

By you.

Any time you want.

But yes, like everything, we need to practice to get better and better.

The most successful people know how to create motivation out of anything. They can jump on a positive situation and ride the wave. Or they can harness the energy of a setback and use that to push even harder.

Michael Jordan was an expert at this. If you haven’t seen the recent Netflix special “The Last Dance” about his final championship you should definitely check it out!

If things were going his way, Michael would use that momentum to keep pushing further and further. But he also had an incredible ability to turn anything negative into fuel. A missed shot, a lost game, even a comment from an opponent. He could use anything and everything to create an internal motivation that made him one of the greatest athletes of all time.

So my suggestion for you is to start with motivation.

Motivation is Created

Learn how to motivate yourself in any situation and you’ll be able to stay more consistent. Stay more consistent, even in the toughest times, and you start to build your discipline.

Build discipline and you become unstoppable!

Or, you can keep waiting until you find it…

My suggestion: Create motivation.

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