The Power of your Vision

The amount of effort you will put towards achieving your goals is directly related to the amount of emotional attachment and power of your vision.

Meaning, if you have a goal that you want, but aren’t obsessed with getting it, you’re not going to push the same way. If you don’t get emotionally fired up just thinking about your vision, you won’t put in much effort towards it.

And this, sadly, is how most of us think about goals.

We want better, but we’re not obsessed with better.

Let’s face it. We live in comfortable times.

We don’t have much that threatens our lives anymore. (even in a global pandemic most people aren’t that worried)

Fighting for our survival is a thing of the past in our developed world.

We are no longer afraid to die from the common cold.

We don’t have to spend hours searching for food everyday.

Anything and everything we want is right at our fingertips, literally. Click a few buttons and get whatever you want within a few minutes, hours, or days at most.

So when you can have anything you want any time you want it, where is the drive to push for something that’s harder to get?

Right, there isn’t any.

So if you want to be fit and healthier? If you want to get in shape or eat better?

It’s probably not going to happen.

It would be nice, but it’s not necessary. It’s less of a goal, more like a preference.

To truly attain a goal, you need to pursue it relentlessly.

You have to eat, sleep, and breath it every single day.

It has to be the main thing you think about every minute of every day.

Your vision has to be so clear you know exactly how it will feel once you achieve it.

To get to this level, there must be emotion. There must be drive.

It has to be an obsession.

Once you reach this level, then, and only then, are you truly committed to your goal.

The power of your vision, the strength that will drive you, is entirely dependent on how obsessed you are with achieving it.

Otherwise, it’s real easy to just let Netflix play the next episode for you…

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