What are you good at?

What are you good at?

Maybe it’s baking, writing, driving, painting, building things, playing an instrument or sport, decorating or balancing the books. I’m sure there’s a few, but pick one of the top.

How long have you been good at it?

Do you remember when you started?

Were you always good or did it take a while?

Maybe you had a bit of a natural talent, but if you’re really good it probably took a while.

To really get good at something takes time. It takes effort. It takes practice.

A lot of it.

We’re not usually good at something from the start. I mean sure, some things come more naturally to us, or maybe some things we enjoy so much that it doesn’t really matter if we’re good at it or not. It’s usually these two scenarios that lead to us getting better.

We find the things we’re naturally good at or really enjoy and we keep doing them. We keep doing them so long and so much that we end up getting really good at them. After time, you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

The point of this little exercise is to realize that ALL progress is achieved this way.

No matter where we start from, in order to get better, we need to keep doing it, over and over again, for a very long time.

Now, let’s think of something you’re not good at. How about something around fitness or nutrition to be more specific ?

Maybe it’s being able to stick to an exercise routine.

Or having no clue what to do at the gym.

Maybe it’s not knowing any healthy recipes that actually taste good.

Or not being able say no when your partner brings home your favourite snack.

There might be a few things you’re not good at…

So why not?

How long have you worked at it, consistently?

How much practice have you put in to get better???

Now you may want to jump up and say “A LOT AND I STILL CAN’T GET IT!!”

But if we look close enough, it probably wasn’t as much as we’d like to think. Maybe you’ve made quite a few attempts, but if you’ve constantly struggled you probably haven’t stuck to it for very long.

At least not long enough.

Because if you had…

You’d be good at it.

The simple truth is the things you’re good at you’ve gotten good because you’ve practiced them enough to get to that point. The things you’re not good at you just haven’t practiced enough. You just haven’t put in enough reps for enough time.


But today is a new day. And so is tomorrow. And so is the day after that.

So what are you good at?

You get to decide.

Decide if you’re going to practice or not.

Decide if you’re going to get good at it not.

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