Justification is dangerous

Justification is a dangerous thing.

The other day I justified myself twice. At least.

The first time was with a beer.

I don’t drink during the week anymore. That’s my commitment.

However, while I was BBQing… It was sunny, the smell of the meat, the heat, the thirst, all of it!!!

It triggered a little conversation in my head about how it’s no big deal. 1 beer. 1 day. “I’ve been good”.

I gave in.

It was stupid though because I only drank half. I rushed it because dinner was ready. Then I was during dinner.

What a waste of my word.

Then later I thought I had already written my article for my daily challenge. Turns out I only set up a previous one for my email subscribers, no actual new creation. So although I refined an article, I didn’t write anything new.

“That should still count right?!?”

What a tricky little brain I have.

So here I am now, blogging about it, to stick it to myself.

I justified, I gave in, and now I will break that pattern.

Because as easily as I can justify myself into a beer, I can also justify myself into taking action and getting shit done! ??

Justification is dangerous, if not used properly.

It’s a powerful weapon or a powerful tool.

You get to decide how you use it.

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