No bad days, only bad moments

I had a rough day yesterday.

It was just not my day with things going well at work. Basically, anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

So I tweeted about it, as I tend to do:

Although I had many things go wrong, I refused to let my mindset succumb to it.

I kept repeating to myself: there are no bad days, only bad moments.

I was determined to keep my head right and stay strong.

And then the day just kept going… lol. It was non stop mistakes, challenges, problems, things not working. You name it.

For a moment, or a few, I thought: maybe there are bad days.

I really had to tough it out and fight through at points. I even harnessed my inner Goggins a few times “Who’s gonna cary the boats!!”

But in the end, there truly were MANY positive moments in my day. It just came with many challenging ones too ?

The fact that I kept my mindset focused on not letting it become bigger than it was, prevented me from going into a suffering mode. I could have easily complained about everything, I could have easily blamed anyone and anything for the problems, and I could have easily given up and just done something else.

But I took it on like a workout. I put in my reps, I pushed through, I gave it my best effort.

Driving home I had already put it behind me. Because I wasn’t stressed I was able to enjoy the view, open the windows, and have my very own Jerry Maguire moment when “Free Falling” came on the radio at the perfect time. It was pretty epic.

Looking back there was no bad days. There were plenty of unwelcome moments and challenges, but my mindset helped me keep it a great day.

Chad – 1
Bad days – 0

2 thoughts on “No bad days, only bad moments”

  1. Great advice Chad! There clearly is value in keeping your focus. I love the way you tied in “putting in your reps” – – – because you didn’t have one or two challenging moments, you had many, so you had to continue to focus, and remind yourself to keep your head strong.
    Doing so, left you in a positive frame of mind so you could relax & enjoy the remainder of your day. Eerily similar to the results of doing a workout – – –

    1. Yes, that’s exactly how I saw it. It’s not something that you do once and you’re fixed, you need to keep at it and keep building the mindset muscle

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