Fasting for Weight Loss

When I recommend fasting it’s usually for the overall health benefits, however there is no denying the benefits of fasting for weight loss as well.

The Zero fasting app just posted an article about Becca Bailey, who lost 169 lbs on her weight loss journey. A big part of her success coming from fasting. It’s a great article and I highly recommend reading her story if you’re curious about fasting for weight loss.

Becca is a busy mother of FOUR kids UNDER 5 years old!!! so if time or convenience seems like a challenge for you, you’ve got nothing on her!

Par of her story I connect to the most is the feeling of control you get from fasting vs regular calorie restrictive diets. She says:

The biggest benefit I feel when fasting is control. I love how I don’t feel the need to eat simply because it’s “breakfast” time or because something is being offered to me.

I also really like Becca’s 3 other changes that made a huge impact for her, especially number 3!

Anyway, check out her story and feel free to share yours in the comments below. Or, any questions you may have about fasting or getting started yourself.

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