Assess, Adjust, Execute.

Assess, Adjust, Execute. This is how I operate.

I wrote 87 articles in 87 days and then I dropped the ball.


I’ll explain.

Since Aug 31, I have been publishing an article a day here on my blog. However, I’ve started writing articles back in late July.

I thought a lot lately about how much I’ve gotten out of the writing process in less than 100 instances. I’ve leaned a lot about what I can do and the quality of articles I want to write. And I’ve learned about what I want to prioritize as far as how I’m building my business, Inspiyr Fitness – online health mentoring.

Writing these articles started out as a project and a challenge to myself. I already know many things I am good at when it comes to being a coach and running an online fitness coaching business. However, what I wasn’t confident in was my writing. I always hesitated any time I wanted to write an article or even an ebook.

I figured I’d do 101 days based on the new Discipline course I am building. Although I got close, and I WILL continue to write and post at least 101 articles, I won’t be doing it in consecutive days from here forward. I have gotten what I needed out of the consecutive days of articles, which was knowledge that:

1) yes I can write
2) yes I have plenty to say and
3) I’m pretty good at it

Better than I thought I was at least. With that knowledge, I feel like I can now move on to new steps in the growth of my business.

I will continue to write, but will now look more at the quality of each article. I want to write higher quality and more in-depth articles that will create the cornerstone content of my entire coaching system.

Over the 2 months (almost) that I did this, I have also been thinking about how I want to structure my online fitness coaching business. It will be built around my “earned fitness” model.

Over the next few months, I will be building out the entire system. There will be tons of free content to get people started and help them build their self esteem around fitness, nutrition and health.

There will also be a 12 week program to help beginners getting started in fitness and developing the proper habits of being active.

I will continue to develop my community program to be the best program available for helping people build the fundamentals of fitness. The Inspiyr Community program is what I consider a “general fitness” program because it focuses on the basics of being a fit human. We all have 2 arms and 2 legs and for that there is a lot we can do to live a long healthy life without over complicating our fitness practice.

It is a place where I “teach you how to fish” to create and maintain lifelong fitness.

All of these things are geared towards building the foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

If one wishes to take their fitness further, dive deeper down the rabbit hole that is all things “health”, or just require more support and accountability to reach their goals, I will also be offering some coaching services to work directly with me. There will be program design and fitness mentoring. (Both of which will require the earned fitness process)

Earned fitness means; for someone to earn the ability to work directly with me, they will need:

  • Proof of work
    • at least 6 months of training logs with data and progress
    • at least 6 months of dietary tracking with progress photos
  • Knowledge and skill
    • have a solid understanding and functional ability of the foundational movements
  • Commitment
    • go through my application process to determine if this is the best fit for them
    • commit to a minimum of 6 months, depending on the program

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the type of commitment to a healthy lifestyle I am expecting/requiring from my clients. After all, I know without a doubt in my mind that I will be 100% committed to helping you reach your goals. But if you aren’t also 100% committed, then I do not want to waste your time nor mine.

The main purpose of this article is to let those of you who have been subscribed to my daily articles know that you will see fewer articles in the coming months. I will be aiming for 1-2 per week still, but definitely not daily as I will be committing the rest of my time to my other projects.

I have assessed the benefits of what I was doing.

I am making adjustments to keep me aligned with my goals.

Now I am executing to work to ensure I reach those goals!

Stay tuned because updates will all happen on here and there are some pretty great things coming for those of you that want to live your best, healthiest life possible!

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