Autophagy – the recycling of your body

Autophagy is the body’s version of recycling, where it breaks down damaged cells and reuses the healthy parts in other areas of the body.

Check out this brief video explanation by Zero Fasting and see if it makes sense:

If I can simplify: when a cell is damaged, our body goes into a process of breaking it down into its basic building blocks. It then reuses those building blocks elsewhere.

Just think of the process of recycling and it should make sense.

Imagine tearing down an old house for example. A house is made up of basic building blocks like wood, metal, and plastics. If we separate those parts, we can use them again for another products and purposes.

That is autophagy, recycling done in the cells of our body.

Sound like a good thing right?

It sure is!

However, it’s not done easily.

You see, autophagy won’t really happen until is HAS TO HAPPEN. The body won’t go and break down it’s damaged cells until it actually needs those materials.

This is why fasting is a great way to trigger the process of autophagy.

If we’re always eating, if our body is always in an abundant state of nutrients, if it’s always comfortable, it won’t need to break down old damaged cells for their building blocks. It’s easier to get that from the new food coming it, so it won’t bother with the dead, damaged cells.

It probably isn’t too hard to realize that from there we’re going to end up with a lot of dead, damaged, unnecessary tissues in our body and the problems that come with that.

If longevity is your goal, autophagy is a necessary process. I encourage you to learn more and consider the benefits of how fasting can help you with the process.

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