Flip Fear into Fuel

Overthinking, worrying, being afraid, are all natural feelings when trying something new. It’s a valuable skill to be able to flip that fear into fuel.

Often the insecurity comes from the unknown. We don’t know what the outcome will be because we’ve never done it before.


But it’s common to turn that lack of knowledge into doubt.

We think of all the things that could go wrong.

We think of all the ways we could fail.

We think of all the ways we could get hurt.

We focus on the potential negative outcomes.

And that negative focus creates our actions. Actions of NOT doing the new thing.

Yes, those outcomes COULD be true, but they aren’t the only possible outcomes.

There’s also many ways things could go right.

There’s also ways we could succeed.

There’s also ways we could thrive.

They just need our focus.

And if we do focus on those things, THEY will become our actions. We DO take action and try something new.

We just need to make that choice. We can choose to focus on the positive. We can choose to utilize the powerful energy of our fears to motivate us towards positive actions.

Because fear is a very powerful motivator. It’s one of our most basic instincts to drive us into action and get ourselves away from a bad situation.

The problem is that in todays world we’re rarely in an actual bad situation, and most of the doubt, fear, and insecurity is just made up in our heads. We’ve focused on some possible outcomes, but they aren’t actually real.

We can use this power of focus and the energy of the fear to move us. We can focus on the outcomes we don’t want as a driver to move us towards the things we do want.

Flip your fear into fuel and using that energy to take action!

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