Perspective is Everything

I’ve recent been reminded that perspective is everything. This post is mostly a reminder for myself, but I’m sure you’ve been where I am so I decided to share.

Since the end of last year I’ve slowly started putting in more effort for rebuilding my online fitness coaching business. My previous business wasn’t doing good, so I thought to see what I could create with online coaching again.

Now I’m back in Canada, I have a 9-5 job, and I have 2 young boys that require a lot of energy and attention. Because of this, having the time to do everything is a little challenging to say the least.

I’ve started to realize that restarting a business has been kind of like going back to the gym after some time off.

I’ve done it before.

I mostly know what I’m doing.

I’ve had success in the past.

But right now I’m starting back at 0, and that can be quite frustrating at times.

If I was a client restarting at the gym, I’d know exactly what to say.

I’d tell them all about patience, consistency, and discipline.

I would remind them that they can’t expect changes overnight.

Even if they’ve had success before, they’re in a new place and need to start at the beginning.

Failure and set backs are expected so don’t stress about them. Just pick yourself back up and get back on track.

As I said, this is mostly a post for myself, so these are the things I’ve been telling myself.

I am being my own coach.

I’ve been working hard, but it’s been a slow process.

I’ve had a bunch of success! For example: I’ve connected with a lot of new people, I’ve found a supportive group, and I’ve been consistent with my efforts.

But I set certain goals and benchmarks that I haven’t yet seen. I’m seeing progress, but not the progress I WANT TO SEE.

And that’s what’s frustrating.

I want it to happen NOW!

This should be working!

I want my efforts to pay off!

I’ve been working my ass off, so why aren’t things changing!?!?

“This sucks.”

“I suck.”

“Fuck it.”

What’s the point…”

These are all things that have gone through my head. This was my internal self talk.

But this morning I took a step back, checked in with myself, and stepped up as my own coach.

“Dude, if this was a client sitting right in front of you you’d smack them in the face and say wake up! 
You’re focusing on the wrong shit!

So I started a different internal conversation with myself.

“You ARE putting in the work.”

“You are working hard, but shit doesn’t happen overnight.”

“It doesn’t matter how successful you’ve been in the past, THIS is where you are now.”

“You can do it, you will do it, just have some patience.”

Perspective is everything

My negativity came from being stuck in my day-to-day grind and I lost focus of the bigger picture. I had to step back to regain my perspective of what I had been achieving.

I was able to coach myself through the negative perspective and realize that I had lost a little focus, raised my expectations too high, and just needed to give myself a chance.

Immediately after that perspective shift I felt a lot better.

I was more positive and I was happy to keep putting in the work.

I went back into my “gym” of building my business and started putting in my reps again.

Thankfully I have solid effort and discipline, I just lack patience sometimes ?

Changing the perspective you have on your efforts and progress changes everything.

Perspective is everything.

What you tell yourself is everything.

Tell yourself you can and watch the progress that will be made!

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