Focused Attention

I’m reading a lot about mindset, power of thought, and focused attention lately. And the strength of using those towards the manifestation of desires.

It’s very interesting stuff if you’ve ever gone down this path.

Anyway, one thing that has really got me excited is the power of focused attention. For example, in our current world of fast paced information it can be a very powerful tool.

Each day, our mind is bombarded with thoughts, ideas, and all of the things happening around us. Our mind is constantly being pushed and pulled in all different directions for what we should think about and where our attention goes.

No matter what your daily routine is like, this bombardment is inescapable.

Your colleagues talk about different projects, and your friends talk about what’s going on in their lives. Everyone in your family wants your attention at the same time. TV, radio, social media, your phone, your surroundings… Everything is sending different signals taking your mind in different directions.

It’s no wonder the ability to stay focused is so challenging.

As a result, I have a high interest in our ability to strengthen our focus.

Having the ability to maintain focus on any particular task or desire, gives you the strength to attain that thing.

Our focus of attention leads to persistence in action. And the persistence in action leads to success in achieving your goals.

You can attain anything you want by your ability to focus on it and maintain your drive towards it.

Now, let’s consider the idea of focusing your attention on your attention.

Meaning, the way to build the strength of focused attention requires you to practice focusing your attention. I know, crazy concept right?

In other words, it’s the ability to NOT be distracted by everything that crosses your plate.

Let me give an example.

Currently I want to stay focused on writing this article. However, outside I hear noises from a bunch of kids playing. Inside my son is watching TV and my wife is walking around the house making plans fo the upcoming week.

The goal is to be able to take all of these distractions, put them aside, and maintain my focus on the article.

The more I get distracted, the harder it is to complete this article.

The more I can stay focused, the better I will be able to achieve my goal.

Each time something tries to pull my attention away, I actively work to bring my attention back to the article.

I’m actively aware of where my attention goes, and consistently work to bring it back to my desired task. This is the way to build my ability to stay focused.

This example may not be the best because I’m sure most people already have a pretty good ability to stay focused at work.

However, what about other areas?

If you’re trying to be creative? When you need to solve a problem? What about when you’re driving?

How good are you at keeping focused attention on the things you want to do?

Start to practice this skill and you’ll see the benefits it brings!

2 thoughts on “Focused Attention”

  1. This is great stuff Chad! I tested the concept during my read of your article – – – with radio, in the back ground, my wife chatting with me briefly and my mind wandering to the “next up” on my list of to do’s today, it really makes sense. And, it takes focused attention to attain!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. The amount of distractions and wandering thoughts that can come up are unlimited. It takes constant vigilance. It’s great that you were aware of so many distractions!

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