The body is not designed to be comfortable

The body seeks comfort, but it is not designed to be comfortable.

Like the saying “a ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for”.

Our body is similar. However, I’d argue that we’re not even safe in harbour (comfort).

Comfort is when the body relaxes.

That sounds like a good thing. It feels like a good thing when you’re sitting on the couch, but it’s not.

Sickness, digestive issues, disease, stress, anxiety, depression, mental health, cell damage, etc, all happen when our body is not challenge and lives in a constant state of abundance.

With abundance it gets lazy.

Our body is designed to be challenged.

Our body adapts and becomes more resourceful with challenge.

Without challenge, it loses control and other organisms can take over.

It’s like having the soldiers on the front line of the war sitting around doing nothing.

That’s when your defences are down and the enemy can take over.

All of our problems come from when our defences are down.

If you want a life of health, resilience, strength and prosperity, you need to be challenged. Your body is not designed to be comfortable and it needs the challenge to grow.

Face it, fight it, struggle with it, and grow from it.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

That is what your body is designed for.

That is how you succeed.

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