Struggling with “Homework” Exercises

If you see a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist, they will often assign homework for between sessions.

These are very simple, very basic exercises you can do at home that will help the long term affect of their treatment.

Usually it’s exercises for mobility, flexibility, and core strength.

Deadbugs, planks, cat and cow, cervical retractions, rhomboid activations, etc.

The list can go on.

The reason they add homework is because the treatment they do is passive.

You are receiving the treatment from them. They manipulate your muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. for you, you don’t have to do anything yourself.

But this is simply a reset.

It puts your body back to the normal functioning position or condition that it should be in.

However, the reason you needed this reset in the first place, is because life is full of movement and activity that pushes your body away from it’s natural state.

Your muscles get tighter, you lose mobility, the joints of your spine may subluxate.

And if you don’t do any exercises that help you maintain your natural position and function, this will keep happening over and over again.

This is the active part of treatment.

The active part is the homework they prescribe. Exercises to build the strength, maintain the elasticity, and teach your body proper movement patterns.

This homework extends the benefits and duration of their passive treatments because your body will be able to maintain the reset they make.

But how many people are actually doing this homework?

How many people take the time to do the necessary work to help their treatments?

Unfortunately, very few.

I’ve worked with many other health practitioners over the years and they all tell me the same thing:

Most of my clients come back saying they did little to none of the homework I prescribed. Or they do it for a few days, and then completely forget.

This is just another reason why at Inspiyr Fitness I like to focus on consistency first.

So whether you want to do a typical gym workout, or simple homework exercises like mentioned above, without consistency it won’t get done.

And without getting it done, we keep going backwards to a state of discomfort and a need for the body “resets”.

If you’ve been the type of person who struggled to do their homework then I’d love to help.

Fill out this short questionnaire and see if Consistency Coaching would be right for you:

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