The First Step

“Getting back on track”

“Get back on the wagon”

“Taking that first step”

If you’ve been off track for a while,

Or maybe you’re starting brand new,

Sometimes this feels like the hardest part.

The first step seems like the biggest and hardest to take.

But that’s a lie.

It’s a story in our brain, trying to protect us from something potentially uncomfortable.

The truth is, the first step is exactly the same as the second.

And the third. And the 4th.

It doesn’t matter if your last step was yesterday, a week ago, or 5 years ago.

It doesn’t matter if this is a familiar path or a brand new one.

The first step is just one step.

Nothing more.

It’s the same as all the rest and shouldn’t be made into anything bigger than that.

The first step is the easiest.

Just swing your foot out in front of you and go!

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