You’re Not a Doctor

I’ve heard the phrase “you’re not a doctor” a few times in my career now.

As a health professional, I’ve made thousand of recommendations for people exercise and eat better.

I’ve help hundreds of people lose weight through healthy food choices, restricting calories, and fasting.

I’ve helped hundreds of people build muscle and tone their bodies through weight training, crossfit, and home workouts.

But still, there always seems to be someone who likes to tell me they don’t trust me because I’m not a doctor and therefore am not qualified to make healthy recommendations.

I was hilariously reminded of this comment the other week while listening to a podcast. On this podcast was another health professional that helped one guy lose over 400lbs.

That’s right. LOSE over 400. He started at over 600lbs.

Obviously the diet was an intense calorie restriction through eating nothing but raw vegetables, fruits and water. His exercise was hours of walking/hiking every single day.

He put in work!

But at some point he lost trust in his trainer. He told the trainer that he wanted to get his liver levels checked because there’s no way this was healthy. After all, the trainer wasn’t a doctor.

This is where I LOL’d listening to the podcast.

They trainer responded to the guy: “you’ve been eating like shit for an entire lifetime to get yourself to over 600 lbs!!! Did you ever check your liver levels when you were on that shit diet?? Get the eff out of here!”

I laughed because it’s true and I’ve heard the same thing myself.

People are willing to blindly eat shitty, processed foods all day long, but when it comes to a healthy recommendation they want to see fda approval and doctor certifications.

Insert face palm.

No, I’m not a doctor. But if you’re not going to get a doctors approval for eating McDonald’s and drinking soda everyday, then don’t start questioning me when I’m actually trying to help you.

Or any other health professional for that matter.

Just commit to the process and allow some discomfort for once.

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