You Deserve It. (“It” being success)

“Success starts with a belief that you deserve it.”

This was a momentary insight I had the other day. The more I thought of it, the more profound yet simple it was.

We think that success comes from hard work. That is a big part of it, yes. But even before doing any work you need to believe you deserve that success. Because without the belief, you end up not putting in the work required, or you’ll sabotage any effort you do do.

Your belief is everything.

Whether you like it or not.

And it’s dictating your outcome in life.

If you haven’t been successful at anything you’ve pursued, it’s because deep down inside there is part of you that believes you don’t deserve this success you’re after.

If you’re struggling to get going, if you get close and then it slips away, or if you’re perpetually chasing your dreams, it’s because you don’t believe you deserve them.

And more and more effort pursuing the goal will never get you any closer.

You can literally just stop your work all together if you don’t have the belief.

Make building your belief that you actually deserve success step one.

It should be your only focus.

Building the belief becomes the work you do.

Once you truly believe that you deserve to be successful, the success will naturally follow.

Success becomes easy and will to “find you”, as you’ll know it should!

Because you deserve it.

Just ask anyone successful.

You don’t get successful and then later realize that you deserved it. You believe that success should be yours and then the success will come.

So it’s time to focus your efforts to where they count: your own internal belief.

You might think it will be hard to do, but trust me, you deserve it ?

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