You can’t buy Fitness

You can’t buy fitness, it can only be earned.

You can buy:

  • a house
  • food
  • toys
  • cars
  • clothes
  • insurance
  • medicine
  • surgery
  • investments
  • entertainment
  • experiences
  • lessons for new skills
  • time from others to work for you

With enough money you can buy pretty much anything in the world.

Except one thing.

You can’t buy fitness.

You can buy things that seems close to it like, surgeries for better health or looks or medicine to make you healthier when you’re sick. But that’s still not fitness.

Fitness is can only be earned.

Being fit takes effort, time, and discipline.

Success is never owned, it’s rented.

Like The Rock says: “Rent’s Due!”

The Rock - Rent's Due - you can't buy fitness

It can’t be faked, photoshopped, stolen or borrowed. And it definitely can’t be bought.

You can even pay for gym memberships, private trainers, and fancy equipment, but not one of can make you fit without putting in your reps.

Fitness is the ONE THING you can’t buy.

Perhaps that’s what makes it so elusive…

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