Most people spend their entire lives chasing “fitness”.

It’s constantly something they are struggling with or working towards. It is an elusive dream that never really comes to reality.

There can be progress and some success, but then we slip back to old habits, need a more balanced life with “moderation”, or get frustrated with the slowness of progress and just give up saying “what’s the point”.

On top of that, the entire industry is built on the idea that results can be achieved quickly and easily. Just like everything else in life right? 😉

Well Inspiyr Fitness is here to change all of that. It’s here to have a more realistic approach to fitness and health an recognize the truth.

The truth that it takes time and it takes effort.

Hence the name INSPIYR. This an acronym for It Never Stops. Put In Your Reps.

Because long lasting results come from long lasting effort. You don’t become “fit” one day and then that’s it, you can coast for the rest of life. It’s quite the opposite.

Real fitness and health comes from years of effort. And once it’s achieved you never stop. It must be maintained forever, by putting in your reps. If that’s unacceptable for you then I’m sorry but you’re going to continue the same cycle that everyone else is on.

If you’re realized this truth, are tired of the yo-yo nature of fitness and ready to make a lasting change in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

Just ask anyone who has created success in any area of life. Long term results don’t come from motivation, 30-day efforts, or secret hacks. They come from consistency and discipline over a long enough period of time.

Everything I do here is to help you create results that will last forever.

Everything from my free articles and ebooks, to my community programs and 1-on-1 services, the number one focus is long-term success

If that’s something you want for yourself then check out my services for ways I can help you or just keep exploring the site to learn a bit more. At minimum I hope to educate you and empower you with a new perspective so that when you walk away from this website you will have a new approach to your health and fitness.

To go deeper into the weeds of what is Inspiyr Fitness, please continue reading the Pillars that everything I do is built on:

Pillars of Inspiyr Fitness:

Human Nature

Living our greatest life according to how we interact with the natural world. Understanding where we come from and how far away our current lifestyle is from our human nature.

Realigning your actions and routines with the way nature intended it is the first step to all healing and growth.

Creating a foundation based on your human nature is the first step to all success and long-term health.

This includes areas such as:

  • Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Energy/Vitality
  • Mindset (mental fitness)
  • Function
  • Education and learning
  • Self defense and survival
  • Sexuality

Without a solid foundation in our natural human functions, no sustainable changes can be built.

Download the full Human Nature Fundamentals PDF here.


The ability to create success independently and with self-accountability.

Too many services create a dependency relationship that leads to short term results. Whether this is something like needing a trainer to push you or just following a diet and meal plan, the results are dependent on someone else’s efforts.

My goal is to help you become completely self sufficient so that all of your results are a direct affect of your own efforts.

Self-sufficiency is attained by building your body intelligence, gaining experience through consistency of action, and earning greater levels of success through personal efforts.

Body IQ

Education and development of body intelligence. Understanding how your body is built, how it works, and how to create optimal function in all systems.

One cannot become self-sufficient or an expert in any field without sufficient knowledge in that field. You cannot have long term success with your body and health without first knowing what is healthy for your body.

Understanding the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the body are key elements for sustainable change.

Fitness Profiles

Every BODY is different. We all have different starting points based on different levels of fitness and experience.

Understanding your position in the process of fitness and body mastery is a key element for creating success. This knowledge allows you to be challenged at your appropriate level, leading to more consistency and sustainable progress.

Most systems in health and fitness look primarily at the end goal and give you a program to get there. Without knowing where one is starting from, they must “jump” to a higher level of output than what is truly sustainable. (Think bootcamps, HIIT, and 30-day challenges) This is why most failures occur, because one has not first earned the level of fitness required to sustain at a higher level.

Knowing your current profile of where you’re starting from is just as important to your success, if not more important, as knowing where you want to go.

Earned Fitness

Access to fitness and health programs these days is unrestricted. A google search will quickly yield thousands of options to attain greater health.

However, not all of those programs have truly been earned by first building a strong foundation of body, mind, and habits.

Like the process of martial arts, one does not start out by breaking bricks and fighting black belts. One must earn their way to that through practice of basic movements and conditioning first.

I believe one of the greatest failures of fitness is that there has never been a clear structure for earning higher levels like there are in martial arts. Anybody thinks they can do any program at any time and this clearly ends up where we are today. Demotivated, confused, lost, and worst of all, injured.

By progressively earning your fitness level and building the functioning of your natural human body, you will create more sustainable results.

Understanding of the levels and earning your way through them allows you to build a solid foundation upon which you can build any level of fitness, performance or health you desire.

If you resonate with these concepts, let’s talk! Email me and let me know what you’ve been struggling with on your fitness journey.