We only post success

I just saw this post online and had to share.

It’s a super simple statement, and I actually almost passed right over it, but I stopped to really think about it. This statement is actually the thesis of Inspiyr Fitness and why I have a passion to help share the deeper details of someone’s fitness journey.

In the online world of instagram and Facebook and YouTube and all of these things, the creators of this content usually do a lot to show the best parts. To show the happy moments, the successes, the highlights of their lives. This can lead to a pretty skewed image of that person’s life or what we think is real for others. If this is all you look it can beacons pretty disappointing and demotivating because how are we supposed to live up to that?

In the real world of everyday life, work, families, bills, health, etc there is a lot more than just success and highlights. In fact, in real life it’s often struggles and challenges and hardship. Real life is mostly about overcoming and putting in the work to reach the highlight moments, not the actual highlights themselves. This doesn’t mean we’re not happy and enjoying all of our moments, but it isn’t reality if we’re not talking about and/or showing the lowlights, the failures and the sad moments of life too.

This is my goal with Inspiyr Fitness.

To show the real life perspective of our fitness journey. To show that even if we have the success and highlights, it came through challenge and hard times. It came through hard work and times where we wanted to give up. It came through ups AND downs and many many days where we wondered if it was even possible.

To me, this is more relatable that the highlight reel because this is real life. Sure we all want the success in the end and we want to be motivated by the photos in bathing suits or flexing in front of the mirror, but what helps me the most is seeing that we’re all human. We all have difficult times and we all take time to reach our goals.

Real life isn’t just a highlight reel of success.

What’s your thoughts on this? Do you get caught up in only seeing success and comparing yourself to that? Let me know in the comments below.

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