Start with Success

I can’t stress enough how important it is that every day you start with success.

If there’s nothing else you focus on, make sure the first thing you do every day is successful.

In order to achieve this you need 2 things:

  1. You need a task
  2. It needs to be measurable

To choose your task, you should focus on you big picture vision and what you desire out of your life.

From there you should be able to work backwards and find 1 simple thing that you can do every single morning to start your day with success.

Let’s use and example of getting in better shape.

Part of getting in shape means exercising and/or improving your conditioning.

With that in mind, something you can do first thing in the morning would be a small home workout or even simple walk, unplugged, to clear your head. In either case, I suggest keeping it small so that you can ensure your success.

Read my article on The Gap if you haven’t already. This concept is HUGELY important in regards to starting your day with success and not setting yourself up for failure.

Maybe after reading that, you realize that the workout thing is still too much.

Maybe long before we actually work on the exercise, we should build some foundations first.

You can start your day with success with some habits and discipline.

Simply getting up at the same time every day could be a huge step towards building good habits. Or getting up 30 minutes earlier so you can read, stretch, meditate, journal, whatever. Just start your day with you, instead of starting it in a panic or responding to other’s request of your time and attention.

If you really want to get after it, get up early and make sure you tick one thing off your todo list before you do anything else. No teeth brushing, no coffee, no nothing! Get up and get shit done!

Again, whatever it is doesn’t really matter. It can be big or small, active or just simply not hitting snooze.

Start to get in the habit and start with success each day and you’ll start to see the positive momentum that builds for the rest of your day!

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