Personalized Programming

This option is for people who want want a program that’s created specific to their needs or who need a little more accountability when getting started.

I create a personal, fully customized exercise routine that you will can do on your own. At home, at the gym, new to exercise or an experienced veteran, and no matter the goal, I’ll create exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Included in this service is your fitness program, nutritional guidance, technique/movement analysis, and monthly check ins.

All programs are delivered via my own personal app with clear instructions, video demos of every exercise, and the ability to track all fitness and body progress. You also have messaging access to me for any program related questions.

My goal with this service is to educate and empower my clients to eventually feel like they can move on to one of the community programs. With my coaching and support, you will build your self-sufficiency to successful long-term on your own.

Personal Programming is a 6 month commitment.

The purpose for the commitment is to have enough time to find the right level of programming for your needs and level of fitness. Anything less would be a templated program designed only on your goal, not where you currently stand. I utilize the first 1-3 months to assess your mobility, strength, and condition so that your program matches your ability now, not just where you want to be at the end.

It is also to make sure you are planning for and committed to the long term. I do not work with anyone if they only want short term results.