Community Programs

The Inspiyr Fitness Community provides general fitness conditioning in an “on-demand” format. Joining the community gives you access to daily fitness routines, challenges, goal setting, nutritional education, webinars, and most importantly a community for knowledge, support, and accountability.

The programs is delivered through my app where you’ll also be connected directly to me for any questions or support you may need.

That said, these program do require a fair level of self-accountability. No one will push you or make you do the work, that’s on you. If you need more support, accountability, or coaching, I suggest you look into the Personalized Programming or Mentoring options before joining one of the community programs.

Human Nature Program

The Human Nature Program is designed to keep you fit for the rest of your life. Built with a constant rotation between strength and conditioning workouts, this program gives you everything you need to stay strong and be active at all stages of your life.

The focus of this program is on sustainability and consistency. This is not a bootcamp for short term results.

The routines themselves focus on what I call General Fitness. This means that the programming is designed to give you a great foundation of strength and condition in your entire body. Individual workouts will have specific focuses and targets, but overall, and throughout the entire year of programming, you will do a little bit of everything to make sure you are targeting all areas of the body.

Although the program my have a general focus, each workout comes with explanations and guidance so you can individually adjust it for your needs. I clearly explain how to make each workout easier or harder to ensure it is right for you.

If your goal is consistency, sustainability, and staying fit for the long term, this is the perfect program for you!

The Human Nature Program is $3000 per year.