The structure of my services are all built on the Pillars of Inspiyr Fitness.

My goal is to help every client build self-accountability and discipline to sustain optimal health for the rest of their lives. This means that regardless of where you’re starting from, my services will help you to gain full control over your health and longevity.

It is my personal mission that each client becomes a positive influence to those around them through their achievement of life-long health.

All services are based on the needs of individuals in each of the Fitness Profiles. Although anyone at any level has the freedom to choose whichever service they desire, I highly recommend using the service designed for your level. This is based on years of experience, something I call Earned Fitness, and witnessing what has created the highest levels of success in my clients.

Community Programs

Community programs are designed to be a simple option for people stay active. These are general fitness programs based on specific goals for long-term results. All programs are self-guided, meaning you can follow along at your own pace by accessing the workouts in my app at any time.

Join an online community for knowledge, connection, and guidance on your personal health journey. This is a self-guided, interactive environment to take charge of your own health. Connect with peers and mentors for all the knowledge and support you need to reach your fitness, nutrition and health goals!

The community programs are designed for people with high self-sufficiency and are recommended for people with a Committed and/or Experienced Fitness Profile.

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Personalized Programming

Personalized programming means you get a workout routine specific to YOU. Your needs, your goals, your level of experience, your access to equipment (or not), your schedule. This is a 1-on-1 option designed for you and evolves with you as you progress.

If you’re just getting started into fitness or just need something different to switch up your routine, this is a perfect option. The 1-on-1 support means that you’ll also have someone to keep you accountable and to make sure you’re doing things the way they are supposed to be done.

Need help with your diet too? No problem! In this option I also provide personalized nutrition guidance to help you make better choices for optimal results.

Personalized Programming is designed for people with moderate to low self-sufficiency and is recommended for people with a Struggler and/or Committed Fitness Profile.

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Coaching is my most hands-on service. This option is all about the accountability and support for those that really struggle to have success completely on their own.

Weekly coaching calls are the foundation of this program. Not only will we work on fitness and nutrition, but we will also look at the whole picture of healthy living.

Mindset, habits, consistency, self-motivation, stress management, sleep, and health knowledge are just some of the things we’ll cover. No longer will you feel lost and alone on your fitness journey. With my Coaching service you now have a “coach in your pocket” at any time, for anything you need.

The Coaching service is designed for people with low self-sufficiency and is recommended for people with a Beginner and/or Struggler Fitness Profile.

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Maybe you’re not sure what option is best for you, you have very specific needs, or you’ve been training for a while and just need some new ideas to mix things up. Whatever the reason, sometimes just talking to someone who knows what they are doing is a huge help to get you on the right path. Click below to book a consultation with me.

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