New Year, New Me… Or is it?

It’s January 2021.

Most of us have had a pretty shitty 2020 with the global Covoid-19 pandemic. This means we are looking forward to a “better” year in 2021, even more so than any other year.

So it’s time for a new year and a new you right?

But is it? Haven’t you said this before? Isn’t every year a new year? And every time you are going for a new year?

The funny thing is, most of us end up setting the same goals every year. Even me if I’m completely honst. Every January it’s the same ol’ new years resoultions….

– Lose weight
– Gain muscle
– Eat better
– Dedicate more time to health
– Dedicate more time to self care
– Read more
– Save money
– etc.

Maybe we make slight variations of those to try and sound like they are different, but it’s not. The underlying theme is that it’s going to be a better year. You’re going to be better. You’re going to spend more time on you.

But it’s always the same.

I read an article last week from Mark Manson about the top 10 things people learned about themselves in 2020. It was a great article, but the one that stood out the most for me was number 10. Specifically the quote from Steve:

“That we do what we do. That there’s little point saying, ‘When I’m rich I’m gonna…’ or ‘When I retire I’m gonna…’ Because you won’t. If you’re not doing it now, you won’t do it then. I always kidded myself that if I were locked up for years, I’d get scarily fit and read all the great books of history. Instead, in lockdown, I got fat (well, fatter) and read no more top-notch literature this year than any other year.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve done this a lot! Especially at the new year.

“this year I’m gonna…”
“when I have more time I’m gonna…”

And maybe I start out strong, but eventually things fade.

In January, all of the “regulars” at the gym like to say: “I can’t wait until March when we get our gym back from all of these resolutioners”

New year, new me

So if we tend to set the same goals and fade out at the same times each year does this make resolutions and goals a bad thing?

If you just keeping doing the same things over and over again each year does this mean that you should just stop setting goals?

No you shouldn’t.

Because even if you haven’t changed or you haven’t achieved my goal, it’s still good to have one.

It’s not the act of seetting a goal that’s the problem, it’s our approach to achieving it.

“New year, new me” means you are going to change who you are and be different. It means you’ll stop being you and start being someone else.

It’s stating a large and drastic change.

But we are very consistent creatures. We like patterns and we like to repeat those patterns. Most of us follow a pretty specific routine each and every day. This is why it can be hard to make a change. It goes against our natural flow.

So in the sense of always doing what we do and doing the same things, it’s hard to bring in something new. It’s hard to make a major change. It can be hard to achieve goals. Especially within one year.

For me, in 2021, I’ve decided that this year I’m not going to make such aggressive goals and drastic changes. I’m going to focus on what I’m doing and who I’m being.

I’m going to focus on small changes that move me in the right direction.

Instead of focusing on becoming a differnt person and going against the patterns that I already have, I’m going to focus on how I can implement some new patterns into who I already am.

My goals are more proccess goals vs outcome goals.

I’m working on the little things I do each day, and not just some arbitrary finish line way off in the distane.

2021 isn’t new year, new me, it’s new year, new actions.

Let’s see where that takes me.

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