Knowledge vs Experience

It’s one thing to have knowledge about fitness. It’s a completely different thing to have an experience of fitness.

We live in a world of technology where practically all of human knowledge can be accessed at any moment we want through a device we carry around in our pockets.
Within a few minutes, if not seconds, you can know pretty much anything you want to know about something.

Want to know the weather on the other side of the world, simple

Want to know what the score was from the hockey game you missed, within seconds.

Even if you want to learn a bit more about a period of time in ancient roman times, within seconds you’ll have hundreds if not thousands of articles and books on the subject.

Maybe you’re crazy enough to want to learn about lifting weights and how to create a workout program. YouTube can be a great resource!

Literally anything you want to know, you can learn about.

But how far does that actually get us.

Ok, so I know about the weather on the other side of the world, but do I really know what that feels like?

I know the score of the game, but was it a good game?

I can learn about what happened in ancient roman, but have I stepped inside the coliseum?

What about fitness? I know what squats and push ups are, and how to combine them for a workout. But will I ever know what it feels like to strengthen my body and push my limits unless I actually do it?


I can’t truly know what anything is like without having an actual experience of it. You can’t truly know fitness until you have an experience of fitness.

And I think this is a place in which we are stuck.

Because we can access any knowledge we want in seconds, and we get that instant satisfaction of feeling good about that knowledge, the process ends there.

We came, we learned, we moved on.

In my world, I see this a ton in fitness, nutrition, and health.

How many books have you read about this diet and that diet?

How many YouTube videos have you watched about exercise, calories and fasting?

If you really think about it, do you really know how to eat healthier than you’re currently eating?

Yes, yes you do.

In most cases, I think people know what to do to be stronger, healthier and live longer.

They just aren’t doing it.

You need an experience of fitness to get stronger.

You need to experience better food choices to get healthier and feel better in your body.

I heard a great line today that I think would really hit home with a lot of people.

This man happened to be talking about psychedelic experiences and how people really should have their own experience of it. Don’t ask how I got there, I follow a lot of interesting paths when it comes to the human body and human experience.

Anyway, the guy said it’s like sex. You can read about sex all you want, but you’ll never truly know what it’s like until you’ve actually had sex. It’s the experience of sex that makes it great, not just the knowledge of it.

And this same is true with fitness and health.

You can ready about it, watch it, and see others that have built it.

But until you truly experience reaching a point of a strong body and energetic vitality of health, you’ll never truly know what it’s like.

Just like sex, I think being the healthiest you can be is an experience worth having.

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