Knowing vs Doing

Do you struggle with knowing the right steps to take to improve your health?

Have you ever searched online for answers about fitness and health only to leave more confused than when you started?

You probably just want a few simple steps to follow so you know what works and what doesn’t. Like where’s the Cole’s Notes to guarantee my success?

People reach out to me all the time with this same process.

They say: “just tell me what to do”.

Like it’s that simple. If they only knew the steps… THEN they will succeed!

So I tell them.

Then what?

Do they do it?

Do they get the results?


Because it’s NOT so simple.

There is a very large difference between KNOWING what to do and ACTUALLY DOING IT.

This is where most programs and even coaching services fail. They tell you the what, but they don’t help you with the how, or the why, or the when, or the who.

All of these factors matter and I’d even argue they matter MORE than the what, especially when starting out.

This is why I’ve built an online community.

To fill in the gap between the WHAT and the DO. To go beyond just knowing what to do and have a place to help you take the journey!

You will have a place to navigate the unknown obstacles that will come up.

Get answers to your ever-evolving questions as you progress through your journey.

A place to connect with others to help lift you up when you’re struggling.

It’s a place to share your experience with others to know that you’re actually not alone in this process.

The Inspiyr Community is a place to help you apply your knowledge and DO what it takes to improve your health.

Bringing together people who understand that knowing what to do is only a small part of the story, but by having a place to connect and support each other, will be able to “figure it out” together.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you, join the community and start taking action today!

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