It gets worse before it gets better

Ever realize that as soon as you start a new fitness routine or diet, things actually get worse before it gets better?

It kinda sucks right?!

Here you are trying to make your life better and the first thing that happens is life sucks.

You start with 2 steps backwards before you see anything even remotely close to one step forward.

If you start a new fitness program, what’s the first thing that happens?

You get sore.

Crazy sore.

Everything in your body hurts.

You can’t walk, sit down., or even wash your hair without pain.

You hurt in muscles in places that you didn’t even know had muscles.

This is just insane!

And of course your family is going to tell you how crazy you are and tell you to get back into your comfort zone.

It leaves us thinking, what did I get myself into. I was better off just sitting on the couch.

And this is all just exercise…

We haven’t even talked about diet yet.

This is even worse!

You start a diet and what happens?

You’re tired, grumpy, starving, have a headache, can’t eat anything that doesn’t taste like cardboard, and the list of things we CAN’T eat is longer than what we CAN eat.

No one has ever eaten so many fucking chickpeas before in their life!

The symptoms, stress, or straight up withdrawals in the first couple of weeks of a new diet are pure torture.

No wonder people can’t stick with things long enough to see results.

The first couple weeks of this “self improvement” shtick is complete bullshit.

But the good news is that the pain is only temporary. It gets better…

The initial discomfort is simply because you’re doing something different. Do ANYTHING new and it’s hard at first.

That’s just the way it goes.

You are going to struggle.

But the struggle is actually the point.

We can only grow from struggle.

If you only do what you can already do, you’ll never change.

The only way to grow is to challenge yourself BEYOND your current capacity.

And what lies just outside your current capacity?
(hint: another word for current capacity is comfort zone)



You have to get uncomfortable before you can get comfortable.

In other words, it always gets worse before it gets better.

But the better is actually BETTER.

It’s better than your current situation, otherwise you’d never even try for it in the first place.

So go for it.

Get started.

Feel the discomfort.

Take the two steps backwards.

Endure the couple weeks of struggle.

But then enjoy the rewards. Once you start seeing progress, the discomfort will be totally worth it!

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