How this works

I’m so excited to finally be launching this project!

Inspyir Fitness is a new approach to fitness, goals, and helping people change their lifestyle. The focus of this project is to share and connect people around the world who are on their fitness journey. People actively working to improve their health, condition, fitness, body image, self-image, and overall happiness towards their chosen lifestyle.

Inspiyr Fitness is all about inspiring the journey and creating success!

The main focus of this blog will be in sharing the stories of people on their journey. Everything from people who have seen success to people who are just starting. People who have been through the struggle and have come out the other side to people who are currently in the struggle and having a hard time staying motivated to keep going.

The simple concept is: you’re not alone.

Our journey is personal that’s true, but we all go through a similar experience. We all have ups and downs, we all lose motivation, we all come across obstacles, and we all question ourselves at some point “is this really worth it”.

By sharing stories, I hope to shed light on how there are many paths to success. That we all have our own way and some things will work while other things won’t. That other people have had a similar struggle and they found a way to overcome it.

How this works is that this blog will be filled with a mix of Personal Stories and Mentor Tips. Personal Stories are from people just like you currently in their journey. Mentor Tips are strategies, tips, suggestions and insights from coaches, trainers, and professionals in the industry.

The goal is to provide as many options as possible to help you succeed.

If you prefer to only see the stories from your peers, or the guidance from an expert, feel free to filter the articles to suit your preference by choosing a category at the bottom of any page.

The main way this whole thing works is with YOUR INVOLVEMENT.

You will get the most out of this site and community be being involved. Inspiration is great, but action is what actually leads to change. We want this site, these articles, and our community to help you take action!

I highly encourage you to engage in our community. If you like something you read or have something to add, share it in the comments! A tiny piece of encouragement can go a long way for someone in a rut and you never know who will benefit from hearing your experience!

If you’d like to go beyond the comments and community and share your own personal story we’d love to hear from you! Fill out this form to get the process started.

Thank you so much for being here and welcome to Inspiyr Fitness!

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