Right of Passage Application

A Right of Passage is a process to prove that you are ready to take ownership of your life.

It requires putting yourself through a difficult situation to prove to YOURSELF that you are capable of more than you might imagine.

In past times this was when a boy would leave the tribe with nothing but a stick and come back weeks later as a man, having gone through the roughness of survival on his own.

Today’s world offers no natural right of passage, so we must create our own. Fill out the form to create your own personal ROP.

Here is the fine print:

  • You must commit to 30 days minimum
  • It must be challenging and uncomfortable for you to complete
  • The odds of completion should be 50/50
  • You will submit 3-5 options for your ROP, I will choose the one you will do
  • You will do it daily and submit a completion log to me
  • I will not respond, I will not support you. You must do this alone.
  • You will tell no one of this challenge and you will receive no support
  • You will not post anything about it publicly, there shall be no external accountability

Failure of a natural ROP meant life or death. You must treat this is a similar fashion.

Failure to complete my ROP means you will not be accepted into my discipline training program, which means you will continue on the path of a sub standard life. If you do fail, you must wait a minimum of 1 year before re-applying.

Failure is due to not complying with the fine print items above.

Once you fill out this form and receive an “Application Accepted” response, you must start within 24 hours.

If you receive an “Application Rejected” response you will have 24 hours to re-submit. These are due to your options not being challenging enough. You may re-submit 2 times. If you still fail to produce a difficult enough ROP you must wait 1 year before you may re-apply.

If you accept all of these terms, fill out the application: