Fitness is Easy

I started blogging for my business Inspiyr Fitness, yet I haven’t written anything about fitness yet.

This is mostly because I think fitness is the easy part, once you have the foundations of everything else I’m writing about.

Fitness, in its simplicity, only requires lifting weights and moving your body. I’ll expand more on this in future post. However, there is a good summary on Medium here.

The entire fitness industry is built on WHAT to do for exercise.

However, what I’ve learned in my 15 years of coaching experience is that most people struggle with what happens BEFORE the actual doing of exercise. What to do is easy, how to do is more important.

To “do” fitness, one must have:

  • mindset
  • habits
  • persistence
  • discipline
  • will power
  • purpose
  • a plan

This is a big part of why my articles and ebooks are all focused on these things and not fitness specifics.

If you haven’t built the discipline to actually DO the work, even the greatest program on earth will be rendered useless.

Once you HAVE built discipline, persistence, and habits, fitness becomes easy.

I can tell you what to do and surprise surprise, YOU’LL ACTUALLY DO IT.

And that’s why I write what I write.

I want you to put in the work to make fitness the easy part.

And don’t get confused, what I’m saying and what I encourage you to do is not easy. Nor will the actual work of exercise be easy, but it will become the easy part once everything else is in place.

To help with that I have some good news!

My latest ebook on building discipline is almost compete!

I have a full time job, my online coaching, a 3 year old, and a 3 month old so it’s taking a little discipline just to finish it. But I’m almost there.

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