Become Consistent

A guide to understand why you struggle with motivation and a step by step process to Become Consistent with Exercise.

Most workout programs are all about the workout. They are all about WAHT to do to get you the results you want. Which makes sense, on the surface.

However, most people struggle with these programs because they haven’t figured out HOW to workout first. They haven’t developed a foundation of consistency and patience to stick to a program long enough to see results.

They struggle with:

  • Knowing where and how to start
  • Being confused with what they are doing
  • Staying motivated to keep goingPushing too hard too soon
  • Falling off the wagon and unable to get back on
  • Knowing if what they are doing is right for them

All of these factors lead to success or failure as a beginner and no program has ever addressed it.


This book is your intro to working out. I will show you exactly what you’ve been missing to stay consistent, find the right program, and finally get the results you deserve!

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