Merit-Based Fitness Protocol

At Inspiyr Fitness I’ve developed a system called the Merit-based Fitness Protocol.

This means that you earn each level of your progression/development in fitness.

I created it by combining my 17 years of experience as a Kinesiologist with my experience as a 3rd degree black belt in TaeKown Do.

Merit-based Fitness means you will walk before you run and even crawl before you walk, instead of jumping straight into a program of “sprinting” to get results.

In martial arts, you don’t start your first day with breaking boards and fighting someone in a ring.

You start with the basics of punching and blocking.

Makes sense right?

Fitness development should be no different.

Why in fitness can we go straight into lifting weights and doing circuit training until we collapse?

The typical approach to fitness does things backwards.

We move straight into complex training programs without first building a foundation of basics (like punching and blocking).

This is why so many people struggle and fail. It’s why there’s more injuries than there are success stories.

You either join a gym, rent the space, and have a free-for-all. Or you hire a Trainer or join a class and jump straight to ‘black belt’ level training because you need to be pushed. (which also makes sense if you really think about it because you’ve never learned the skill to push yourself, let alone sustain fitness at that high of a level)

Hence Merit-based or Earned Fitness.

A system of building your fitness skills and habits from a white belt all the way up to a black belt if that’s something you desire.

At White Belt your focus is on CONSISTENCY, FUNCION and basic awareness in your body.

At Yellow Belt your focus is on proper BALAMCE and JOINT STRENGTH in your body. You build mobility, stability, and flexibility so that your body works (pain free) the way it should.

At Green Belt you start to develop Fundamental STRENGTH and CONDITIONING and integrate many aspects of a truly healthy lifestyle.

At Blue Belt you are developing OPTIMAL HEALTH. Your body works great, feels great and looks great! This is the level most will strive for to live a happy, healthy, vibrant, and long life!

Red Belt takes things above and beyond into BODY MASTERY, PERFORMANCE and ELITE Levels of strength and condition. Not everyone will want to go this far, but if you’re goal is on Performance and/or Sport, this is where you want to be.

Black Belt is focused on ADVANCED PERFORMANCE as well as LEADERSHIP. This is for someone who has mastered their body, mastered their sport, and wishes to pass on that knowledge and ability. This is for the elite of the elite and will not come easily.

In each level we will assess and track metrics like consistency, function, flexibility, strength, condition, body awareness, fundamental movement, technique, mobility, lifestyle, and performance to name a few.

The assessments will determine your ability in each area so that you are properly focused on YOUR level of skill.

A majority of people pursuing fitness goals fall into 2 main camps:

1. You’ve tried many things but have always struggled to stay consistent.

2. You’re consistent with activity but still struggle with injuries or attaining your goals.

In either case, your struggle comes from not working at the right level. You haven’t taken the time to build up the foundations and truly earn your fitness.

If you fall in to the first camp, you will want to start with Foundations Coaching or Foundations Training.

You will learn to re-think how you approach fitness. Your main metric will be consistency of activity rather than traditional health metrics like body composition, muscle size, or performance output. None of those truly mater if you can’t stick to something long enough to see changes in those areas.

If you fall into the second camp, you may qualify for Merit-Based Fitness Coaching.

We will start with an assessment to see where you stand in each area and create Personal Priorities to focus on exactly what’s been missing in your training.

We will start by making sure your body works the way it should without limitation and injury. Think of it like a tune up for your car to make sure the wheels are straight, the tires are full, and the engine is full of fresh clean oil.

You’ll put on your white or yellow belt and feel confident in knowing exactly how to progress to the next level.

You’ll have a clear understanding of your path towards the healthiest, strongest, most vibrant you you can be!

Entry into Merit-Based Fitness Coaching first requires completion of the Foundations Training Program. You must complete the program with a minimum of 70% Compliance and have completed a minimum of 3 Foundations Assessments.

If you wish to “challenge” the foundations based on the belief you already have a high level of fitness, mobility and technical skill;
First: register with the link above
Second: send a message to me within the app once you’ve been set up.