Discipline is a driver of action.

One can be inspired to act, one can be motivated to act, or one can be disciplined to act.

Reading those 3, which do you think is the most powerful?

Inspiration and motivation are what most people use to stimulate their action. However, they are the most fragile. They normally come from external sources and have no guarantees of persistence.

They come and go as quickly as the waves of the ocean, which ultimately leads to inconsistency in action.

Discipline however is an internal source of action. It is built through practice and persistence and has a state of dependability one can rely on.

Discipline is a powerful strength that the most successful people use to manifest their dreams.

It is a strength to DO what you say you will do.

It’s upholding your word, to yourself and to others, no matter what.

Discipline is saying no to laziness, comfort, and fear and saying yes to action.

Discipline is binary. It’s black or white. Yes or no. Do or don’t, did or didn’t. There’s no in between, there’s no half way, there’s no scale.

Discipline is an act of getting things done, regardless of the circumstances in which they need to be done.

Challenge, difficulty, obstacles, all can easily knock inspiration and motivation off their tracks indefinitely.

But discipline powers through.

It’s an unstoppable force that powers on until the mission is accomplished.

Adults have discipline. Children do not. Because it is built through doing something repeatedly over and long period of time. It is forged through effort and understanding ones purpose.

A great example is a child that needs to clean his room.

Inspiration tells the kid it will be nice to have a clean room. Motivation tells the kid he’ll get ice cream after he cleans it.

Discipline isn’t as kind. It drags the kid up the stairs by the ear, kicking and screaming, puts him in his room and then stands in front of the door blocking any chance at escape until the job is done.

Inspiration would have to happen in the moment otherwise it’s gone. Motivation can seem like a good choice, but kids are stubborn. Sometimes they don’t want ice cream.

Discipline gets the job done. It doesn’t care about how the child feels or what they want or don’t want.

Discipline is raw, unattached action.

Now, replace “child” with your name and feel the discomfort of reality slapping you in the face.

Many of us are children when it comes to action towards our desires. We base it entirely on waiting to be inspired and motivated.

Which is the reason for our current situation.

Build your discipline and start to experience new levels of success!

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