Chad Williams - Online Fitness Coach

Kinesiologist, serial entrepreneur, fitness & performance coach, and 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwon Do

Chad is a native of Vancouver, BC. Canada, and has a degree in Kinesiology from Fraser Valley University.

A gifted coach and serial entrepreneur, Chad has been in the fitness and health business since graduating in 2005. Some of his professional accomplishments are:

  • Co-founded the first CrossFit gym in Edmonton. AB. – CrossFit Edmonton, in 2006.
  • Designed and programmed some of the first National level CrossFit competitions in Canada
  • Founded AnthroPhysique online coaching in 2011 and has coached people from around the world ever since
  • Co-Founded FitMix25 in Guadalajara Mexico in 2015 and has since opened two additional locations while being approached to franchise the concept throughout Mexico, the USA, and Canada

Chad’s passion lies in helping people of all ages reach new levels of fitness, health and confidence. He has worked with all levels of skill from:

  • 15 year olds building strength for football
  • 20 year olds competing in their first fitness competition
  • 45+ year olds recovering from a herniated disk
  • 50 year olds regaining function following a car accident
  • 65 year olds wanting to maintain their fitness and enhance their retirement years
  • Ex-pro athletes trying to rebuild injury riddled bodies
  • Famous singers and business owners in Mexico
  • People with knee and hip replacements
  • National level martial artists
  • Police, Fire and Military personal training for fitness tests associated with Job qualification

Chad is also an accomplished athlete himself, achieving the status of 3rd degree black belt in Taekwon Do and competing in the Canadian National Championships. Additionally, Chad competed in the Canadian Winter Games in Wheelchair Basketball.

As an advocate for personal development, Chad has invested a lot of his personal time and money to be involved in Personal Development Programs, ultimately rising to a level of trainer/coach where he worked with people to help them understand concepts associated with responsibility, accountability, commitment, and mindset. These experiences have helped Chad help others understand the strength they have within themselves and how to maximize their potential by tapping into these strengths.

Whatever your goal(s), Chad’s education, experience, and commitment to make a difference in the lives of others give him a unique ability to create a individualized plan to help you achieve your personal goals.