Hi, I’m Chad

Chad Williams - Online Fitness Coach

I’m the founder of Inspiyr Fitness.

I’m 40 years old, a father of 2 boys, and currently live in Chilliwack BC, Canada.

I am a Kinesiologist, serial entrepreneur, fitness & health coach, and 3rd degree Black Belt in TaeKwon Do.

I am passionate about fitness, health, business, and helping others. For these reasons I’ve pursued fitness for over 25 years personally and have been a professional fitness coach for over 15.

INSPIYR is my passion project to help men better their lives. It is an acronym for:


Because results don’t come from short term efforts or gimmicks. They come from hard work done consistently over a long enough period of time.

I am on a never ending journey to better my own life and the lives of those I get the privilege of sharing my knowledge and experience with.

I’ve set a high bar for myself, and I fight every day to achieve it.

What my clients say about me: