Hi, I’m Chad

I’m the founder of Inspiyr Fitness.

I’m 41 years old, a father of 2 boys, and currently live in Chilliwack BC, Canada.

I am a Kinesiologist, serial entrepreneur, fitness & health coach, and 3rd degree Black Belt in TaeKwon Do.

I am passionate about fitness, health, business, and helping others achieve their goals. For these reasons I’ve pursued fitness for over 28 years personally and have been a professional fitness coach for nearly 20.

INSPIYR is my passion project to help people create a healthy lifestyle.

It is an acronym for:


Because results don’t come from short term efforts or gimmicks. They come from hard work, consistently, over a long enough period of time.

Without exception.

Personally, I am on a never ending journey to better my own life and the lives of those I get the privilege to work with.

In all of my years of experience as a coach, I’ve never seen the quick fix, high intensity, 90 days to get ripped programs last.

What I have seen, far too many times, is thousands of people who jump into a program that’s well beyond what their current lifestyle can handle.

I’ve worked with thousands of people who start by saying ”I just need to be told what to do”, only to quit 3 months later saying ”I just need to figure out how to do it on my own”.

My coaching journey started in 2003 when I became a “fitness monitor” at the Coquitlam Fitness World. My job consisted of giving people tours and taking initial health metrics. But being a Kinesiology student, I couldn’t help but start talking about how people could improve their health.

In 2005 I graduated university with my Kinesiology degree and I started my career as a Personal Trainer. It took me less than a year to realize that there wasn’t enough time in the day and I wanted to be able to help more people.

I then opened one of the first CrossFit gyms in Canada back in 2006. Back when there were about 100 CrossFit’s in the world and nobody knew what it was.

After 4 years running CrossFit Edmonton I learned that I still wasn’t able to create lifelong health with my clients. They were either getting injured from too much too soon or they were actually starting to sacrifice their fitness and health for the never ending pursuit of a new PR.

In 2011 I switched over to online coaching exclusively. Back when I had to explain how online coaching could possibly work and our only option was Skype.

I saw a lot of success with online coaching and was able to work with people around the world. However I STILL didn’t feel like I was creating lifelong health and fitness.

My coaching was still mostly about the program, focused on reps, sets and weights.

But even though many clients had a lot of success, they still struggled to stay consistent and would often ”fall off the wagon“ or disappear never to respond to an email of mine again…

In 2014 I moved to New York, sacrificing many personal things to chase a dream of an exciting new fitness business. In the end it was a great disappointment and people I trusted ended up turning against me. It was a difficult experience, but that’s a story for another time.

In 2015 I moved to Mexico in pursuit of another dream, this time of my own fitness concept. I created a franchise gym model based on 25 minute clases, each focusing on different areas of the body.

We had classes for upper body, lower body, and core. We had classes focused on strength, cardio, and flexibility.

It was a great, well-rounded program that could give you all the fitness you’d need in only 25 minutes a day.

But sadly even this didn’t create a lot of lifelong health and fitness.

Eventually we caved to the market demands and took out our stretching class because ”it was too boring”. We converted many of the strength classes to have more ”cardio” because people wanted to sweat.

The metric of a good class became about how many calories one could burn, not about building real health and applicable fitness.

Slowly the business lost many customers to the “latest and greatest” version of the same HIIT style ”sweat as a metric” classes.

In 2020 I decided to move my family back to Canada. Luckily right before the pandemic hit.

For the past 2 and a half years I’ve had a full time job in the construction industry so that I can at least put food on the table.

After chasing so many dreams, and not succeeding in Mexico, I felt the pain of my failure.

To be honest, I had lost my desire to keep coaching health and fitness.

But I’m not one to quit.

It’s not failure because you struggle, it’s only failure if you give up.

I’ve spent these 2+ years looking back through all of that history and all of those experiences that you just read about.

I dissected my actions to learn what worked and what didn’t.

I dug deep on why I love being a coach and helping people change their lives.

What I realized is that no matter what business I created, or what format I used to help people, I always wanted to create lifelong health and fitness.

I realized that my expertise and specialty is in helping people create consistent, healthy lifestyles.

I finally understood why it broke me inside every time I gave into the concepts of quick and easy fitness, vs sticking to my guns on the basic steps that lead to life long success.

I’ve now put all of this discovery and experience into my Foundations Training program, and I’ve never been happier.

I’ve finally built a system that I KNOW creates lifelong health and fitness.

I’m excited to be able to share it with you!

What my clients say about me: